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Why volunteer for clinical trials?

There are several good reasons to volunteer for a clinical trial. Some of these may be a good reason for you to participate, others may not. The choice is entirely up to you, regardless of your reasons.

  1. Sometimes your current medications are not that effective. A clinical trial may give you a chance to try something that may be more effective for you.
  2. Many trials require additional monitoring by the study doctor.  During participation in a trial you will be continue to be seen by your primary care doctor and pulmonologist but may get extra visits (free of charge) with the study doctor.  All information and testing gathered during the trial will be shared with your doctors if you choose.
  3. Sometimes the medical care is provided free of charge or at a reduced rate by the sponsor of the study (maker of the drug or device we are testing).
  4. You are in a position to help others. Even when you do not receive the experimental treatment, the knowledge we gain from your treatment by comparing it to the new treatment may help others in the future.
  5. Think of others you know that may have benefited from a new drug or treatment. It is because others volunteered before that you or they were able to get that new treatment.